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    Weekly Plan

    Are you tired of staying home?

    Although in the heart of Namba, tranquil and refined atmosphere

    awaits you once you step inside the hotel.

    Would you like to take your time and relax away from your family for a change?

    The hotel is optimal for long stay since our rooms are equipped with a kitchen,

    washing machine and a drying machine.

    You can buy ingredients in the department store nearby and cook for yourself.

    It’s optimal for people who hesitates to take a train and go to work.

    You can take your time and stay safe with us.


    Room cleaning is once a week, towel change and garbage throwing is everyday.



    Free early check-in and late check-out

    If you stay more than 7 nights, original room rate will be

    500 JPY cheaper per day from 6th night until the check-out.

    Guarantee of free upgrade to high floor executive room.


    Home office working people, people who got tired of staying at home;

    we wait for your reservations.