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    Terrific-10th Year Anniversary Promotion 2 Bedroom

    With 10 Benefits

    We are turning TEN this October! 

    In celebration and to show our appreciation to the patrons who have supported us since our opening in 2010,

    we are having a special promotion on our spacious 2-bedroom!

    Fraser Residence Nankai Osaka is an award-winning serviced apartment and hotel with 114 spacious rooms,

    each with a fully equipped kitchen and washing machine.

    Enviably located right in the heart of Namba,Osaka’s most vibrant entertainment, shopping and dining district,

    and just next to the Nankai Railway’s Namba Station,it is ideal for any traveler, business or leisure,

    with or without a family in tow, looking for more than just a typical Osaka hotel.

    10 Benefits  

    1. Cooking in the room by a personal chef

    2. Early Check-in

    3. Late Check-out

    4. Breakfast at Nankai Parlor

    5. Transfer to the hotel

    To and from home for guests who live in Osaka city

    To and from JR Osaka Station or Shin-Osaka Station for guests who arrive from other areas

    6. Champagne

    7. Abeno Harukas TicketAbeno Harukas is the tallest building in Osaka.

    Transportation to Abeno Harukas by hired car

    8. Amenities

    9. Fraser original plush toy Luc & Lucia

    10. Discount ticket for the next stay