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    Remote work at Hotel room !!

    Maximum 6 hours of stay!


    You can use our hotel during your spare time from sightseeing, shopping or for business work on your convenience.

    ☆For people who needs to work remotely, but does not have the necessary environment at home.

    ☆For online meetings.

    ☆In need of a tranquil environment

        You are welcome to use it for various purposes.

    【Utilization Time】

    From 11 AM to 5 PM

    Extra charge is needed if you decide to stay for the night.

    【Even More Benefits】

    If you do not use beds, we will cash you back 500 JPY.

    We will cash you back 500 JPY more, if you do not use the bath.

    A total of maximum 1000 JPY discount

    【Room Type】

    Studio apartment 28 square meters

    All rooms are equipped with kitchens, washing machines and drying machines


    Rate is 6,000 JPY including tax