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Serviced Apartments in Central Osaka

Osaka Castle

Catch the spectacular scenery of the cherry blossoms as you celebrate hanami with your loved ones in Japan’s most famous castle.

Sumiyoshi Taisha

Merely 15 minutes from the Residence via Nankai Railway, the Grand Shrine, with its distinctive traditional architecture, attracts huge crowds that come on New Year’s Day for hatsumode, their first Shinto shrine visit of the year. 

Osaka Tenmangu

Built in memory of a 10th century scholar, the shrine is well worshipped by students praying for good grades every year; while others will pray for good luck by purchasing an omamori, a Japanese amulet.

Nakanoshima Park

Home to modern art museums and beautiful Meiji-era architecture, the riverside park is perfect for a picnic or a stroll on a clear day especially when the roses are in full bloom, or a serene cruise down the Yodogawa River.


A visit to Osaka is incomplete without enjoying Namba nightlife, with its vibrant and diverse options of bars, clubs, restaurants and entertainment, as the performing arts scene thrives in both modern and traditional genres.


The northern city centre of Osaka is known for its up-scale department stores and many shopping malls, endless dining options, and night entertainment with bars and karaokes that open throughout the night.

Banpaku Memorial Park

Built to commemorate Osaka Expo 1970 and marked by a unique Tower of the Sun monument at the entrance, the park is well-loved for its cherry blossoms and scenic views during springtime. 

Tennoji Zoo

Featuring herbivorous and carnivorous animals of sorts in a layout of savannah zones, the zoo is located inside Tennoji Park, where one gets to catch excellent views of the 103m-tall Tsutenkaku (Tower Reaching Heaven) and 300m-tall skyscraper Abeno Harukas.

Dotonbori Street

Just 10 minutes by foot from Fraser Residence Nankai, Osaka, savour treats as restaurants and street vendors serve up authentic Japanese snacks, such as the okonomiyaki pancake and takoyaki octopus meat-balls in the tourist hot-spot.


Home to Osaka’s landmark, Tsutenkaku tower, Shinseki is the best place to discover Osaka’s past charm with a rich plethora of internationally acclaimed local food fare served in a retro ambience.


The covered shopping street is every shopper’s haven with everything from high-end department stores and luxury boutiques to second-hand stores and quirky fashions.


Located within minutes from the Residence, the Doguyasuji shopping district is popular among locals and foreigners for their local food fare, cooking and restaurant-related items, such as lacquerware, pottery, artificial food props and takoyaki hot plates.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Designed around the concept of the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” get into encounters here with everything from gigantic Japanese spider crabs and playful California sea lions to the adorable South American capybara.


Performed by three kinds of puppeteers, the traditional Bunraku puppet performance has been adored by generations since it was founded in Osaka in 1684.

Fraser Residence Nankai, Osaka

If you are looking for a serviced apartment near Kansai Airport or the Namba Parks, or a hotel near Namba station, look no further than Fraser Residence Nankai, Osaka, the preferred residence of choice for many business and leisure travellers.

Fraser Residence Nankai, Osaka

1-17-11, Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku,
Osaka 556-0011, Japan



  • Facilities within the vicinity

    • Osaka Castle (20 minutes by subway)
    • Ippudo Ramen (30 seconds by foot)
    • Max Value Supermarket (10 minute by foot)
    • Takashimaya Department Store and Foods (2 minutes by foot)
    • Kuromon Ichiba Market (10 minutes by foot)
    • Universal Studios Japan (30 minutes by subway/train)
    • Medical Clinics (various available within walking distance, please check with the Front Desk when necessary)
  • Nearest Transportation

    • The Namba station, 5 minutes away by foot.
  • Getting to Fraser Residence Nankai, Osaka

    From Kansai International Airport to Namba Station, express train service by Nankai Train, approximately 38 minutes.

    Click HERE for directions from Kansai International Airport.

  • About Osaka

    Located in the Kansai region, one of the world’s most populous metropolitan areas, Osaka is Japan's second largest city and home to some of the world’s most well-known electronic brands.

     From traditional festivals, galleries and museums, shrines, parks and rivers, to shopping arcades, nightlife and authentic Japanese gourmet, theatres and comedies, amusement parks and castles, and major sports events, Osaka is both beautiful and exciting all year round with four distinct seasons.  A charming city on its own, Osaka possesses a unique blend of culture, history and modernity, offering a distinct appeal to the young, the old, the inquisitive and the foodie alike.

  • Essential facts about Osaka


    Osaka's climate varies greatly with the changing seasons. The best times to visit are spring for the cherry blossom season and autumn to view the rich shades of the changing leaves. During the cold winter months, temperatures may drop to freezing point overnight, ascending to around 10°C in the day. Summer tends to be humid with a high of around 36°C expected. The rainy season generally falls in June and July, followed by the typhoon season which starts from mid-September to October – although many days remain fine during this period.


    Japanese, specifically the local dialect Osaka-ben. Some English is spoken at key tourist sites and in a business context.

    Time Difference

    GMT +9 hours.


    Japanese yen, JPY.


    Tipping is not commonly practised in Japan.

    Business Hours

    Most shops and stores are open from 10:00 to 21:00 hours, even on public holidays.